Additional Testimonials and References Available Upon Request

  • Bill F.
    I am the president of the board of directors for our subdivision of just under 400 upscale homes in the greater Charleston, SC area. We have been using Halcyon for our community management company for a little over two years now. Prior to that we were self-governed and that just didn’t work out well, for a number of reasons. Halcyon has been wonderful to work with and they have gone above and beyond what was expected of a management company. They get bids for repair work for us, take care of complaints by residents for a number of things, handle billing of HOA dues, and attend every one of our monthly meetings to give the residents a recap of the financials and what has been worked on during the past month.I would highly recommend Halcyon to any subdivision that is looking for a management company.

    I am retired after 43 years as a professional in the business world with a major corporation. I have a college degree in marketing and business management so I understand what is needed to run a successful company. David Peterson and the folks at Halcyon understand those needs as well. They are a wonderful company to deal with and come highly recommended.
    Bill F.
    Charleston, SC
  • Rod R.
    My experience with Halcyon has been outstanding. There are no words to describe our appreciation in having Halcyon manage our HOA. Our HOA was in a spiral downfall due to lack of accounting and management. Halcyon’s management experience has improved the HOA 100% and it is now working like a finely-tuned engine.

    David Peterson and his staff are so effective, helpful, and knowledgeable that the HOA Executive Board is very grateful they are managing our financial services and beautifying our neighborhood. When you get the best, you receive the most effective progress and efficient staff that will improve your neighborhood in every aspect. I refer Halcyon to all my friends living in other neighborhoods.
    Rod R.
    Columbia, SC
  • Daniel R.
    For the past decade Halcyon managed our neighborhood in Irmo. I volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors in 2007 and grew to know and appreciate the folks at Halcyon. Those early years saw tumultuous times nationwide but with strong leadership our neighborhood not only survived the Great Recession, it THRIVED. With David Peterson’s steady hand and a knowledgeable Board of Directors our financial position grew stronger.

    As Treasurer, I worked alongside Methusela Gibbons in processing payments to vendors. Her keen eye, impeccable integrity, professionalism, and financial expertise were much appreciated. To no one’s surprise a clean opinion was rendered on our Financial Statements each and every year. Our collection rate held steady with a firm but fair approach to the collection of past due assessments. The foreclosure process was used as a last resort and kept vacant homes and unkempt yards to a minimum. David and his team worked hand in hand with Columbia’s premier collection and foreclosure attorney.

    Property inspections were handled by Jeff Coberly without being overbearing. The Board of Directors and Halcyon were on the same page as far as wanting covenant violations resolved rather than relying upon fines as a source of revenue.

    Lastly, Halcyon’s professionalism in providing customer service was superb. Sharie Boggs and Sage Ingerson responded to homeowner concerns promptly and courteously. They maintained composure even in the face of irate folks who lacked common courtesy (sadly, every neighborhood has these). Standing firm in a friendly and polite fashion is an art and the employees at Halcyon are amazing. I cannot recall a single instance in my 8 years of service on the Board of Directors where a homeowner complaint about the service they received from Halcyon was elevated to the Board of Directors.

    It was my pleasure to serve alongside David and the folks at Halcyon over the years. I will be happy to talk further with anyone considering a property management relationship with Halcyon. You will be glad you did!
    Daniel R.
    Irmo, SC
  • Linda G.
    I have been associated with Halcyon for over 5 years, working closely with them as a board member and president of a large residential neighborhood. I can honestly say that they, at all times in my experience, were professional, responded to my concerns in a timely fashion, and showed that they really cared about our community. The manager’s ability to guide me through some tough times was invaluable and the board could not have accomplished our extensive plans and goals without his knowledgeable input. His office support staff were friendly and always responded to my requests. They were receptive to change in procedures to assure updated inspections, collections, and notices. I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Halcyon since my move to another community managed by them. I expect I will find the same degree of service and commitment to my new community.
    Linda G.
    Blythewood, SC