Frequently Asked Questions

~ Legal & Contracts

Q. Does Halcyon offer custom-tailored contracts?
A. Halcyon understands that all communities are different and will work with you to create a contract that fits your association perfectly.

Q. Can Halcyon’s attorney review our current Contract, By-Laws, Covenants, and Restrictions and give us legal advice upon our request?
A. Yes, at no charge to your Association.

Q. How do we hire Halcyon if we are contracted with another management company?
A. Halcyon can determine what your community’s needs are and how to best accommodate them. We can also refer your board members to an attorney who can review your contract with you and advise you accordingly.

~ Office Details & Logistics

Q. What is your property manager turnover?
A. Halcyon’s property manager turnover is very low. Most of our employees have been part of the Halcyon team for more than 10 years, some for more than 20 years. We know that consistency, open and honest communication, and treating everyone with dignity and respect create and maintain the best relationships with our staff and our communities.

Q. Can a representative from Halcyon meet confidentially with our Board members to discuss their company?
A. Yes, please contact Halcyon at (843) 291-2686 to discuss this further.

Q. Does Halcyon visit or drive through our Community before providing a detailed Proposal?
A. In some instances, yes. However, because of our thirty plus years of experience, Halcyon is able to provide detailed, no obligation Proposals once all community information is provided on the Proposal Form included in this packet.

Q. If our association hires Halcyon, do we relinquish control of association decisions?
A. Absolutely not. Your Association Board is responsible for all decisions regarding your community. Halcyon is happy to provide guidance, if needed, and will always serve by implementing and enforcing all Association decisions.

Q. How long would the transition be from our current management company to Halcyon?
A. See the Transition Timeline insert in this folder.

~ Fees & Accounting

Q. Does Halcyon charge initial set-up and transitional fees?
A. No, unlike most of our competitors, we consider this the cost of doing business and pass this savings along to associations and communities who hire us. While there is a considerable amount of work involved up front in association transitions, our highly-trained and experienced staff immediately get to work on this process in order to ensure a timely and smooth transition period.

Q. Do you charge additional service fees above our cost for mailings and other communication or record keeping?
A. No, Halcyon provides all-in-one fees for HOA management and at-cost pricing for additional services. Please see the Cost Comparison insert in this folder for more details.

Q. Do you have relationships with reliable vendors? Alternatively, if we are happy with our current vendors, will we have to change?
A. Whether it is routine landscaping and maintenance or more in-depth construction needs, Halcyon is connected with professional, licensed, and insured vendors who provide superior services at competitive prices. We can obtain quotes and references from vendors and present them for board review and acceptance. Halcyon handles all aspects of selection, contract negotiation, payment, and any required follow-up or warranty issues, seeking board approval when needed. If you are happy with your current vendors, we will add them to our preferred vendors list.

Q. What is your process for delinquent fee collections?
A. After all follow-up attempts are made, the accounts are then turned over to our Attorney for collections including lien and foreclosure filings.

Q. Do you have a Fidelity Bond and what is the amount of your client’s coverage?
A. Halcyon is licensed, insured, and has a 100,000 fidelity bond.

~ Support & What We Offer

Q. Why does our homeowners association need a management company?
A. Home ownership is often the largest investment a person makes. Maintaining the home’s value and the quality of life in a community is of vast importance to those who choose to make that investment. A good HOA management company, like Halcyon, can protect property values by enforcing rules and engaging homeowners in good practices and community involvement. Halcyon will use its many years of experience to provide guidance, keep accurate and up-to-date financial and administrative records, plan meetings, coordinate vendor services, and provide any other support needed to enhance the value of your community.

Q. What does Halcyon do?
A. Halcyon can do as much as you need to make your job as a board of directors easier. We offer financial services, maintenance services, monitoring, reporting, and inspections, among many other services. The scope of services is outlined on the services insert in this folder, and additional services can be provided as needed.

Q. Do you offer support and education for your Association Boards?
A. Halcyon provides superior support for its board members, and any needed education. We know that different board positions and board members with varying levels of experience need individualized support and education and we will work with you to determine you needs and how we can serve them best. The more knowledgeable you are about your role in your community, the stronger your community will be.

Q. What meeting support does Halcyon provide their Boards of Directors
A. Serving on your community’s board of directors does not have to be a daunting task. Halcyon provides HOA boards with education and guidance, and handles tasks that the board has neither time, knowledge, nor desire to handle. Halcyon representatives can schedule and attend monthly board meetings, annual homeowner meetings and other needed meetings, presiding over the meetings if needed, create meeting agendas, prepare minutes and other materials needed by the board, prepare and distribute meeting notices and quorum submissions and manage annual calendars.

Q. How long has Halcyon been managing homeowner associations?
A. For over 30 years, Halcyon has efficiently managed communities from small developments to large, master-planned communities and condominium associations. Over our years of experience, there is not much our company has not handled and we are grateful for the opportunity to protect property values and enhance communities across our state. We still have some communities that have been with us since the inception of our company, as well as communities that we’ve had the privilege of managing for more than 10 years.

Q. Do you manage rentals or real estate sales?
A. No. Halcyon’s focus is solely on managing homeowner associations and condominium association so that we can continue to provide top quality services at a fair price.

Q. What level of personal contact do you offer? Will we have direct access to our property manager?
A. When calling Halcyon, you will be directly connected to our friendly, knowledgeable staff, who will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to another staff member who can. If your property manager cannot immediately assist you, your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you feel your return call is taking too long, please inform Owner/President David Peterson. While our assistants are prompt and familiar with all aspects of Halcyon, we understand the comfort and assurance provided by consistent contact with your property manager.

Q. Can Halcyon assist in developer transition or transitions from self-managed communities?
A. Yes, we have extensive experience in all types of transitions.